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Effecting general forwarding for the company CJSC Industrial Association Vozrozhdeniye

For the period from the beginning of 2010 to April 2012 CJSC Industrial Association Vozrozhdeniye provided a full range of services, including customs clearance of freight (export, temporary import/export) at c/st Shushary, c/st Pulkovo, c/st Astrakhan and freight forwarding, both with consolidation at warehouses of Astrakhan, Saint Petersburg, as direct shipments by rail, air, road, and sea transport in Turkmenistan.

Over 15 months the volume of freight received for transportation amounted to about 1,230 vehicles, 800 railway cars, 27 sea vessels. A wide assortment of freight was received for forwarding, namelyequipment, road construction facilities, lifting and traversing machinery, metal products, fittings, bridge metal structures, curb stone, steel piping, geotextile fiber, roofing water-proof materials, road signs, timber, barrier enclosures, decorative screens, metal supports, lamps, paints.

ДTo organize fast shipment, with an acceptance and quality control account system, a working group was set up which negotiated with suppliers of construction products, gave recommendations for choosing packing material to preserve quality and marketable appearance of items along the route, worked out optimal delivery options.